Archive: January 25, 2023

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Satta Matka

These are the ways I use to pick winning lottery numbers. (I hope this helps you too in your quest to nail the jackpot in a lottery.

To start with, select a first number that is in the range, 1-10. This gets you started with your first number out of the way.

For the second number, choose the number adjacent the first number. It does really matter which one it is (to the left or right).

So now we have 2 numbers. For the third number, choose an odd number in the highest range e.g. 40-49

Now we have 3 numbers. These will form a triangle on the grid. So to avoid a cluster-zone when picking the fourth number, go to the left side of an imaginary line connecting points of the triangle. Then pick a number between there and the edge of the number grid.

This gives us our fourth lottery number. Two more to go…

Now it gets a little tricky. Now we need to focus on the numbers that we have shaded in on the grid. Satta A bit like when you view the images that contain another hidden image that pops out at you once you get the hang of how to focus you eyes.

With a little practice, you can usually find another number that is drawing your attention, and that will be your fifth number.

Now all you need is to select the final number. Because this is the most difficult one to choose (because our number grid is becoming more distracting), it’s time to use the age old principle originally explained in the book “Think and Grow Rich”.

The idea is to use your sub conscious mind to connect with the infinite intelligence of the combined minds of the whole human population. The electrical signals within our brains interact very weakly, but the combined effect from billions of people keeps us all connected to the “infinite intelligence”.

For this technique, you need to program your mind to conceive and believe that it is possible for you to pick winning lottery numbers.

Before this step, I was outlining a system to select lottery numbers that few people will choose so that you don’t have to split the jackpot many ways. But for the final step, we are using the power of auto-suggestion to give us a great final number.

So days before the next draw, having already selected 5 numbers, plant the seed of thought into your mind that you will be given a 6th winning number. In a relaxed state, conceive and believe that this number will be revealed to you sometime soon before the next lottery draw.

It should become apparent once this number is revealed to you unexpectedly as you go about your daily business. So don’t stress over it, just do whatever you normally do with the firm belief that the final number will capture your attention in an almost uncanny way.